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Jamila Akweley


Maddy Crowell


“Dangers from Mercury in Small-Scale Gold Mining"

Ghanaian gold miners handle raw mercury just trying to scrape together a living.

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German Andino


Marlon Bishop


“Hello, I'm Calling from 'La Mafia'"

Peabody award-winning coverage of gangs, murder and migration in Honduras.

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Celia Guerrero


Nina Feldman


“We need phosphate to grow food. But should we be digging it up from the sea floor?"

Phosphate deposits on the sea floor off the coast of Baja California could be a feedstock for agricultural fertilizer.

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Learn how we're reclaiming international news

Reclaiming international news

Once the envy of the world, U.S. news organizations have closed almost all their foreign bureaus over the last few decades. The result is that Americans know less about the world than previous generations – at just the moment when the world is most connected. Using its unique partnership model, REM is turning the lights back on, bringing vision and depth to lost international coverage.

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Global Understanding

At REM, we are committed to the most comprehensive, balanced reporting possible. REM’s unique method means stories have two reporters: one from the United States, the other from the country where the story happens. These reporters, with the mentoring support of REM, work together in equal partnership to research and report on the same stories – creating the most balanced, comprehensive view possible.

Support & Mentorship

REM is building the next generation of reporters by supporting early-career (35 and under) and student journalists. These young freelancers, usually with nothing but their wits and youthful endurance, uncover important stories around the world without the expense accounts, “fixers," and even health insurance that disappeared when foreign bureaus were closed. REM stands in the gap to do everything possible to mentor, support, and train these journalists – and to get their work published in the largest media outlets in the world.

One Story For the World

At REM, we believe if a story is true in Chicago and New York, it’s true in Lima and Istanbul. An REM-supported story is typically published in at least two countries and languages simultaneously – in both a major media outlet in the United States (New York Times, NPR, USA Today, etc.), and a major media outlet in the country where the story happened. Readers in Omaha see the same story as readers in Mexico City. No one but REM can claim this.

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Peabody Award-Winning Journalism

REM strives for the highest standards in journalism, and the world is noticing. Round Earth Media, in collaboration with our partners (the NPR program Latino USA and Radio Progreso in Honduras) won the 2014 Peabody Award, broadcast journalism's equivalent to a Pulitzer Prize. That’s why major media outlets from NPR and USA Today in the United States — and similar outlets around the world — willingly turn to REM for compelling and very important stories no one else is covering. REM reporting is world-class journalism.

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