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What difference do we make?

January 29, 2016

Over the last few weeks, it’s been a great pleasure to travel the United States meeting with foundations and individuals, hearing their enthusiasm for our stories and our partnership model.

Still, wherever I go, I’m asked whether excellent journalism makes much difference in the world. What’s the impact from our reporting?

I’ve been pointing to a recent Round Earth reporting project in Guatemala.

One story reported on a landmark decision granting Guatemalan women fleeing domestic violence asylum in the US. Lawyers/experts/advocates have contacted us to tell us that our stories
in Spanish published in elPeriodico  and English published in The Arizona Republic  are being used as proof that domestic violence still affects many women who need asylum.

Our Guatemalan reporter partner works for el Periodico in Guatemala City. Until our project, he and his colleagues rarely ventured beyond the city for stories. Now he’s determined to pursue stories outside the capital city. In fact, he was recently promoted to senior editor—we expect much more reporting from outside Guatemala City!

Finally, readers have offered financial contributions to support a program in Guatemala, mentioned in one of our stories, that provides meals to children who are too hungry (literally starving) to stay in school.

Beyond examples such as these, there’s intrinsic value in reliable information and powerful stories from places that are being neglected about issues that need attention. I hope you agree!

Warmest regards,
Mary Stucky
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