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Villages Matter

February 16, 2018

Julian Harris, an SIT student on our 2013 journalism program in Morocco, plays with his baby host brother as he waits for lunch in Birta Village, part of Sbaa Rouadi Commune in the Boulmane region near Fez. Photo Mark Minton

Our program in Morocco is based in Rabat, the capital, but our students spend 5 days — or more — in a village living with local families. Why?  Because one can’t know Morocco without an understanding of life in its villages.   Around the world, especially in developing countries, journalists stick to the cities.  But not at Round Earth.

For a beautiful photo slideshow from Birta Village, click on the image below.  Student photojournalist Emma Hohenstein shadowed the Issa family for a week. Nejwa Issa, third child of Hakeema and Mohammed Issa, is exactly what one would expect from a nine-year-old: boisterous, rowdy, and care-free. Through her images, Hohenstein seeks to also show the challenges Nejwa will face as woman in Birta Village and in Morocco.

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