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Truth Tourists Don’t See

March 23, 2018

Truth Tourists Don’t See

For more than 7 years, we’ve run a journalism program from Morocco, striving to uncover the truth about a country most tourists will never see.  Here’s Anna Jacobs, the previous Academic Director on our program (for her entire piece click on the image above):

Morocco is ranked as one of the weakest countries in the Middle East and North Africa, just ahead of war-torn Yemen and Syria. Many citizens still lack basic resources and education, especially in rural areas. Certain regions still have terrible roads and no accessible public transportation. Unemployment remains high, especially among youth, and the informal sector still employs a significant portion of the population. A major drought has greatly limited food production in the last two years, hurting the more than thirty percent of Moroccans employed in the agricultural sector and causing hikes in food prices, while also provoking serious concerns about water scarcity.Attacks on press freedom and harsh crackdowns against protestors have further escalated tensions and highlighted the stark economic inequality that has long crippled Morocco.

For more, here are two recent Round Earth stories, both published by US News and World Report, one of our media partners. Click on the photo for the story.

Look for more from this North African kingdom, so popular with American tourists — coming soon!

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