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THIS is partnership

March 30, 2018

Hello everyone from Morocco!

Please meet reporting partners Joe Held and Soukaina Zaida – just one of our amazing student pairs.  I’ve been in Morocco this week working with Joe and Soukaina — and all of our students journalism partners  —  helping shape their next 5 weeks of reporting.  I am simply astounded at their intelligence, hard work, commitment, critical thinking, and enthusiasm.

On all of our projects and programs we partner an American with his or her in-country counterpart.  They work together on the same under-reported story, collaborating and sharing responsibilities. This is real reciprocity, real partnership, two people from different countries and cultures caring passionately about accuracy, fairness and a story that needs to be told.

Our student journalists — in Morocco and South Africa — make many in-country friends.  But working together is different. The connections one makes in true collaboration on a story that’s important to both partners — those connections last far after the end of the program.

These partners and their deep friendships give me hope for our future. Not just for journalism — but for our world.

Look for a powerful story from Joe and Soukaina involving medical care and human rights in Morocco.

They’re on it. Together.

With warmest regards,

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