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The Trump Effect?

September 21, 2018

They’re calling it “the Trump effect,”  a surge in the number of students enrolled in journalism schools.  While there is no national data yet, a recent story in The Washington Post reports the following:

  • At the University of Maryland, freshman enrollment in the journalism school is up 50 percent.
  • At Northwestern University’s journalism school, undergraduate applications rose 24 percent.
  • At Syracuse University, more students are signing up for investigative and political reporting classes that in recent years had been cancelled for lack of interest.
  • Arizona State University’s incoming journalism class is the largest in ten years.

What’s causing the surge?   The Post quotes Lorraine Branham, dean of the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse.  (Click on the image above to read the entire story.)

“The president might be having a positive impact on us,” she said. She drew a comparison to the wave of students from an earlier generation inspired by reporters who chronicled the scandal that drove President Richard M. Nixon from office.

“In some ways, it’s almost like a Watergate moment,” Branham said.

This is exciting news as we embark on another semester working with our journalism students in Morocco and South Africa.  With enrollment up at journalism schools, we expect to see even more juniors and seniors interested in foreign reporting via Round Earth’s groundbreaking study abroad programs.
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