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The Next Generation

June 15, 2018

More than seven years ago, when Round Earth began working in collaboration with SIT Study Abroad on a program in Morocco, journalism as a profession seemed to be in such crisis that many wondered if there would be a next generation of international journalists.  I’m less fearful of that these days.

Trey Strange is a case in point.  He had never been out of the United States when he came to Morocco for our program.  That didn’t deter Trey.  I honestly don’t know when I’ve had a student who was more enthusiastic, engaged and eager to learn.  Today Trey is in Beirut on special assignment for the Huffington Post.  (Click on the image above for Trey’s latest.)

Jeanette Lam is another example from our Morocco program. Jeanette and her fellow student, Sophie Pollock, just published an amazing multimedia story in USA Today.  Don’t miss Jeanette’s video about what may be the last Moroccan craftsmen keeping the tradition of handmade tiles alive (click on the photo for the entire package).  Jeanette is currently in France on an internship shooting a documentary film.  We expect great things from her.

Everyone at Round Earth is thrilled to have had a part in training these two dedicated young people who we’re sure will have important and rewarding careers in journalism.  Your support makes it possible for us to help launch young journalists like Trey and Jeanette.  The future of democracy in our interconnected world depends on them.

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