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You can turn on a light.

We leverage the energy and optimism of youth.

REM helps young journalists do difficult, sometimes dangerous, jobs.   Plane tickets.  Experienced mentoring.  Finding stories that need to be told and crucially, connecting our reporters to the most prestigious media outlets.  Whatever we can give, we give.

We leverage the power of major media.

REM uncovers the stories that need to be seen, heard, and read around the world.  In places like the New York Times, The Economist, NPR, and their equivalents around the world.

We leverage your gift.

As a non-profit, tax laws require that much of our funding comes from people like you – individuals who care about the world beyond our borders.  When you give any amount to REM, you make it possible for REM to retain our non profit status.  That means more of your donation goes toward reporting REM stories which are so very much needed in our increasingly interconnected world.

How is your money used?

Every dollar goes towards supporting young international journalists. Every story is different, so here are some specifics of what your donation can mean.


Join us in telling the world's stories.


Help support the technology needed for field reporting.


Help pay for the studio cost of producing an REM documentary.


Help expand Round Earth's Social Media Programming.


Help pay the journalist for a story when the media outlet cannot afford it.


Help cover the cost for a veteran journalist to mentor and edit the work of REM's journalists.


Help make it possible to send a Round Earth reporting team to cover untold stories of hope and progress in a developing country.

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Why support REM?

  • "There is no other news organization that does this. Journalists reporting collectively from different countries to cover every angle of an unfolding story. Few news organizations even have reporters in these countries...I believe Round Earth's unique reporting model is the way of the future."

    Beverely Abel, an award-winning producer for NPR and the BBC

  • "It's ironic that as we become more and more intertwined with people around the world, we’re getting less and less news from those places. Round Earth is doing powerful work…We need to see more of it."

    Award-winning journalist Marlon Bishop.

  • "After observing Round Earth’s program in Morocco, and reading stories in the New York Times and other national/international media, I’d say the results have been exceptional. Their ultimate success rests in having teachers and mentors like Mary Stucky and her team of veteran journalists, who bring well-honed reportorial skills and deeply held professional values to the task of training and guiding the next generation of global journalists."

    Nancy Fushan, foundation consultant and former program officer.

  • "I believe Round Earth’s unique reporting model is the way of the future. U.S. and [in-country] journalists are mentored by veterans in the field and share their different perspectives with each other in an egalitarian working relationship. This work builds understanding…for readers and listeners in both countries."

    Award-winning journalist Leda Hartman

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