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Secret to Moroccan Chicken

July 27, 2017

RABAT, Morocco – In the old city of Rabat, traditional Moroccan cooking is not just about fresh and savory ingredients. It’s also about a web of relationships that starts at the market stall and stretches all the way to the dining table.

Although she is just 21 and still a university student, Sarah has formed a web of relations built through cooking: at the market, with the baker at the communal oven, in the kitchen with her mother Rabiaa, and with family and friends around the table.

Today she is helping prepare her mother’s chicken with olives and preserved lemon.

Click on the photo above for this delicious recipe and learn more about the secret to Moroccan chicken.

This lovely story heartened me.  It was produced by a team of Carleton College students during their study abroad in Morocco.   Their professor, John Schott, reached out to Round Earth for our mentoring and we connected them to one of the best, Round Earth Advisor Mark Porubcansky, the former Foreign Editor of the Los Angeles Times.

We suggested that the students use food to explore community and culture in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. I love stories which inspire me to try new recipes, bringing friends and family together around my own table (I’ll be doing just that this evening).  I was gladdened to realize that, despite the many miles that separate us, we’re not all that different from Sarah and her mother, Rabiaa, in the old medina of Rabat.

I invite you to read the story and view the beautiful photos.   And while you’re there, check out Zester Daily,the online magazine which published the students’ work and features some of the best food writers in the business.  Our reporters — and Round Earth — are in very good company.

This weekend I send a heartfelt wish that you will find time to gather with those you love, to linger around the table, drawn together by the power of a shared meal.  Maybe around a platter of Moroccan chicken.

Warmest regards,

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