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Round Earth Media wins a Peabody Award!

April 20, 2015

Peabody Awards


Round Earth Media has been awarded a 2014 Peabody for our reporting from Honduras.

In October 2014, after months of intense planning, we sent Marlon Bishop, a brilliant young reporter with Latino USA, to Honduras. His assignment: to investigate why so many Hondurans – more than any other group- were fleeing their country and migrating north.

Staying true to our model of pairing early-career US journalists with their counterparts in the country we’re reporting from, we introduced Marlon to three young Honduran journalists: German Andino, Iolany Perez and Inmer Gerardo Chevez. Together they met busloads of migrants deported from Mexico before they’d even made it to the US; they heard their stories of desperate poverty and their desire for something better for their children. Then, in the country with the highest murder rate in the world, they reported on gang violence and extortion. They dove deep into gang culture, unearthing witnesses and victims of violence, and bringing us an extraordinary story of the terror and the disregard for human life that drive so many from their Honduran homes.

The stories were broadcast in the US on NPR’s Latino USA, Planet Money and All Things Considered. In Honduras, Radio Progreso aired the stories. The story on The Economics of Extortion was published on

We congratulate Marlon, German, Iolany and Inmer on their courageous and excellent work, and for telling this important story, of mothers, children, fathers and grandparents who make the journey north in search of a better life.

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