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  • What it Means to be 'Amazigh' in Morocco

    Fadma Hassi, 74, poses in a traditional Berber headdress, called a qtib. "Being Amazigh isn’t just about tradition, it is a way of life."

    Read JP's story on GlobalPost Because of restrictions on the press in Morocco, our stories are not published formally in Arabic within the country.
    JP Keenan/GlobalPost
  • Mexico Aims To Save Babies And Moms With Modern Midwifery

    In Mexico these days, the majority of babies are born in hospitals. That hasn't helped reduce the number of maternal deaths, though.

    Listen in English on NPR Read in Spanish on Domingo
    Mónica Ortiz Uribe
  • Tips To Create Fresh Liqueurs With A Tuscan Spirit

    Andrea Heinisch, Nicola Daraio and Pietro Terreni discuss the art of infusing flavor into alcohol.

    Read in English on ZesterDaily Also published in print in the Italian magazine 'Cucina Naturale'.
    Zanna McKay
  • Using Food to Keep Guatemalan Kids in School

    Children in a Guatemalan grade school enjoy their school meal (often their only meal in the day), consisting of tortilla, frijoles molidos and a platano, as well as a drink of atol, a kind of porridge made of a corn and soy blend.

    Read in English on AZ Central Read it in Spanish on El Periodico
    Giovanna Dell’Orto

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