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Our Legacy in Morocco

April 27, 2018

I arrived in Morocco more than 7 years ago, poised for a grand experiment.  Could students studying at US colleges and universities, working with Moroccan student partners, produce journalism of excellence for top global media outlets?  Before that first semester was over, our students had proved that possible by publishing a story in the New York Times.  They’ve gone on to publish and broadcast countless more.  In this time of shuttered foreign news bureaus and the chaos in Washington nudging a lot of foreign coverage off the front page,students are providing much of the news and information from this North African kingdom, a close ally of the United States.  The key?  Powerful leadership from our partner, SIT Study Abroad, and tremendous mentoring from the Round Earth team.

The newest member of the SIT/REM family is the journalist Ursula Lindsey.  Ursula is the new Academic Director in Morocco, the job I held for many years but had to leave once leading Round Earth became full time plus. I am thrilled that Ursula has joined us!  I followed Ursula for years before I landed in Morocco and and have long admired her work from Cairo and now Rabat.   Here’sUrsula’s bio on the website The Arabist, which was my go-to for information and insight during the Arab Spring.  It still is.
And, I’ve become addicted to the intimate informative podcast about Arab literature, BULAQ, which Ursula co-hosts. On their recommendation, I’m readingThe Beekeeper by the amazing Iraqi journalist and poet Dunya Mikhail. For more about BULAQ, click here.

Enjoy your weekend. Spring is here in Minneapolis — finally!

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