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Now More Than Ever

June 22, 2018

A Special Message from
Mary Stucky

We’re half way through the best year ever at Round Earth!  For those of you who support us every year, THANK YOU, and a very special request.

Might you be able to make your annual gift to Round Earth this month or next?  

Donations of any amount mean so much right now as we are about to embark on some important new projects.  Credit card donations are great, of course, but a check made to Round Earth Media and mailed to us – that’s even better (no fees!). All donations are tax deductible.

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Why will your gift have more impact now rather than later in the year?  As many of you know, grants are mostly restricted in some way.  Yet unrestricted donations (such as yours!) are absolutely essential to our projects — and there’s one in particular that we’re eager to launch in the next month.

This project will establish Round Earth’s first Cultural Desk, producing powerful multimedia reporting highlighting Muslim and Muslim-American artists.  Here’s a quote from our proposal which garnered a much-coveted grant to support this project.

The abyss that now separates us from each other and even from our own understanding of ourselves has grown wide enough to swallow our decency and civility whole. The arts can find a crossing, as they have so often in human history.  So can good, solid reporting. ~ Grant Oliphant, President of Heinz Endowments

Our deepest conviction and the motivation behind our work is the belief that reporting on the arts does indeed transform hearts and minds.

If you share that conviction, we would be so grateful if you could make your annual gift to Round Earth now rather than later in the year. We’re eager to get started!

Heartfelt thanks from me and everyone at Round Earth.  Your support – in any amount – means so much.

With warmest regards,

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