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We Lost Another One

July 13, 2018

Sulome Anderson is one of the most impressive young journalists of our time. The daughter of Terry Anderson, the former AP Middle East bureau chief who was kidnapped by Hezbollah militants in 1985 and held hostage in Lebanon for nearly seven years, Anderson has made a career of freelance reporting from hostile territory among hostile people.  — Columbia Journalism Review

I wrote about Sulome not long ago, as yet another extraordinarily good freelancer, struggling to survive.  Now she’s called it quits.  Read more about Sulome’s strugglehere.

At Round Earth, we work almost exclusively with freelancers, covering their expenses and providing a financial subsidy to what little (if anything) media outlets pay for their stories.  Much of the fine reporting you read every day in major media outlets was produced by freelance journalists (not staffers).

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