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February 23, 2018


The British-Irish freelancer Iona Craig has just won the Polk Award, one of journalism’s most prestigious acknowledgements.   For years Craig has covered Yemen which is, according to the Poynter Instituteone of the most godforsaken places on earth: A beautiful land, where early coffee cultivation began, riven by cholera and a devastating proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. It’s a war in which U.S. weaponry and ordnance is helping flatten the country, 

Poynter praised Craig’s determined, difficult and unflinching writing for The Intercept from rarely covered Yemen. Craig went to a village and encountered horrors from what President Trump called “a highly successful” Navy SEAL raid.

Click on the photo at the top for this extraordinary reporting.  While you’re there, check out other stories onThe Intercept for some of the world’s bravest, most intrepid, independent journalism.

On Tuesday, Craig thanked “the people of Al Ghayil in Yemen who opened what was left of their doors to me and told me their stories.”

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