The main beneficiaries of the US surge in subscriptions since 2016 have been liberal newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post.  The Times has increased digital subscription revenues by almost 50% in the last year as it heads for a target of 10m subscribers globally. The Washington Post does not give official numbers but an internal memo revealed digital-only subscribers had reached more than 1 million, doubling in the last year. Almost all the growth in the last two years has come from those who identify on the left or in the centre – along with under 35s. 

This raises a concern that high-quality news is mainly available to those who can afford it. Keeping the news free (as with the Guardiannewspaper in the UK and NPR in the US) relies on voluntary memberships.  According to the report, people with knowledge about how the news industry is financed were more willing to pay for or donate to independent fact-based news organizations.

And so….thank you.  For your understanding, your interest, and your support for quality journalism.  Please spread the word.