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November 3, 2017

Greetings from Rabat, Morocco where I am with 15 eager American students and Aida Alami (photo), a contributor to the New York Times (Aida is also on Round Earth’s Advisory Board). We’re here this week helping the students polish their pitches before they and their Moroccan partners embark on 5 weeks of field reporting.

In the field now, as part of our reporting project in Haiti,are Michel Joseph, Amy Bracken, and Edine Celestin. They are a dream team for this project.  I’d like to introduce them to you.

Michel Joseph was born in Port-au-Prince in 1988. He studied journalism at the Institut Supérieur de Communication de de langue Française, is a member of the Union International de la Presse Francophones, and works as a reporter for Radiotelevision Caraibes. Michel is one of the few reporters in Haiti to specialize in social issues, and has received international recognition for his pioneering work in the field. Among his awards are the Young Journalist in Haiti (2015), the Prix Philippe Chaffanjon for Multimedia Reporting (2016), the Super Prix Jeune Francophone(2017) and the Prix de Personnalite Radio TV & Internet(2017).


Twitter: @michel3031

Instagram: micheljoseph62

Amy Bracken is an independent American reporter and radio producer who covers migration, economic development and human rights. She is based in Boston but has reported extensively from Haiti over the last decade, as well as from elsewhere in the Caribbean, Central and North America, and Europe. She is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Journalism and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, where she wrote a Master’s thesis on the detention of asylum-seekers. For her reporting on psychological trauma post-earthquake in Haiti, she received the Mental Health America award. As a French-American Foundation Immigration Journalism Fellow, Amy visited detention and alternatives in Florida and Texas. And with a grant from the Fund for Investigative Journalism, she interviewed sugar cane workers and employers in the Dominican Republic as a part of her research into labor protections in international trade agreements. Her radio pieces have been broadcast by PRI’s The World, Latino USA, and NPR, and her articles have appeared in Al Jazeera America, The Christian Science Monitor, and Foreign Policy, among others.


Twitter: @brackenamy

Instagram: amybracken2003

Born in Port-au-Prince in 1984, photographer Edine Celestin‘s first studies were in social work at the Faculty of Human Sciences at the State University of Haiti, before discovering her true calling. She then studied photography at the Centre d’Etudes Photographique et Cinematographiques in Port-au-Prince, subsequently taking workshops with well-known photographers Paolo Woods, Gael Turine, Gabriele Galimberti, Magdalena Herrer and Nicola Lo Calzo. She works as a photojournalist with the newspaper Le Nouvelliste, where she also does print reporting. Edine is a founding member of the photographers’ collective Kolektif 2 Dimansyon and she has worked with international media outlets such as Le Monde and Mediapart, as well as with businesses, NGOs and other private organizations. She is currently engaged in a documentary project about the 1969 massacre in Cazal (Haiti), under the direction of lo Calzo, whom she considers a mentor and role-model. One of Edine’s goals as a photographer is to bring down the barriers between artisitic and documentary photography.



It is a great pleasure and so rewarding to work with and support these journalists.  We couldn’t do it without YOUR support. More about that next week!

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