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Dark Days

February 2, 2018

With light from Round Earth

The International Reporting Project just shut down. For 20 years IRP was a premier independent non-profit funding international journalism. 651 IRP-funded journalists have reported from 115 countries, producing important, under-covered stories mostly from the developing world.  No official reason was given for the decision but it’s reported that IRP was out of money.  The community of international journalists — mostly freelancers these days — is devastated by this loss with many journalists saying IRP is where they were able to get funding for some of their most important work.

In other bad news….

Foreign Policy magazine, “historically one of the more reliable destinations for freelancers who want to write deeply reported international pieces—is closing its foreign bureaus,” according to a story in the Columbia Journalism Review.  This has not been officially confirmed by Foreign Policy but, if true, it means darker days for international freelancers.  And all of us.

But, now for some good news….

Round Earth Media is alive and well! Just got this photo of the Round Earth team in Haiti.  Michel JosephAida Alami and Pharés Jérôme started their field reporting yesterday.  We are so pleased to support these spectacular journalists. They are on to some important — and also some uplifting — stories.  Stay tuned!

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