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You’re in for a treat!

December 14, 2018

Hello everyone,

You’re in for a treat!  Please meet Round Earth’s magnificent interns — all from my alma mater, Carleton College.  They decided to ask each other questions — about working at Round Earth, about journalism, and more.   Here they are!

Ellie Zimmerman: I am a sophomore at Carleton College hailing from Washington, DC. I’m probably going to major in either History or Religion, but who’s to say, really?

Where do you get your news?  NPR is my go-to. In high school I based my morning schedule on the WAMU lineup. I knew that if I was in the car in time to hear the little humorous news blurb that aired at 7:33, I was doing well. If I was still in the car by the time David Brancaccio came on with the Marketplace Morning Report at 7:51, I was definitely going to be late. I don’t listen as much now that I’m in college and don’t drive, but NPR will always be my favorite.

If you could be a journalist reporting from anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?   I would report from the American South. Southerners are American just like I am, but very culturally different from me. I’d love the chance to talk with Southerners about what they think it means to be from the South, what it means to be American, and where they would like to see the future of this country go.

Favorite Mary quote?

  • “Ugh, you guys are the best. Aren’t they the best?”

 Charlotte Rew: I am a sophomore at Carleton College from Chicago, IL. I’m looking to major in either Cinema and Media Studies or Biology.

What’s a topic you think should be covered more?

  • Half of my family comes from a region of France, Bretagne, where the traditional language and culture is gradually disappearing with aging generations, and this is happening in a lot of places around the world with the progression of globalization. I think more journalists should research these cultures, preserve their history and encourage people to keep them alive.

What interests you about journalism?

  • Growing up, I went to the same tiny school with a class of 30 kids from kindergarten until graduation. This constraint meant that I always loved getting a glimpse into the lives and histories of people  unlike those I knew so well. Going to college broadened the range of people I could discover, but entering a career in journalism would expand it much further beyond that. I am interested in the humanitarian aspect of journalism: trying to understand people so different from myself and tell their stories.

Favorite Mary quote?

  • “Oh my god, it’s the sun!” (Our internship was a very cloudy time.)

Ellie Grabowski: I’m a senior at Carleton College from Baltimore, MD. I’m double majoring in English and French/Francophone studies because I couldn’t pick one over the other.

If you could be a journalist reporting from anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

  • I would go somewhere where I could use my French to connect with people and share stories that Americans might not hear. Whether this means France itself, or French-speaking areas in Canada or North Africa, I love the kind of story that crosses language barriers and country borders.

Has this internship changed the way you consume news?

  • I am more aware of stories around the world that don’t make it to the front page of U.S. newspapers. I’ve learned to seek out this kind of story, because it won’t just be delivered to my phone or inbox automatically. I’ve also become more aware of the choices that journalists and editors make. Brainstorming name ideas for the Islamic art and culture project showed me how much thought and nuance has to go into every project, article and headline.

Favorite Mary quote?

  • “Go make yourselves some tea!”
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