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Who’s Covering the World?

February 3, 2017

The New York Times now has more reporters covering the White House than ever in its 150 year-plus history.  The Washington Post has put 30% more reporters on the White House beat and will soon have a “far larger” congressional team, according to National Director Scott Wilson.

With this understandable and important emphasis on Washington, it’s likely that fewer staff reporters will be covering the every-day issues that affect the daily lives of millions of people around the world.  Like our story (photo left) about a US program that’s keeping kids in school in Guatemala.

Those stories are our passion, shared by the reporters — most of them freelancers — who work with us.   It is our mission to support the professional development of early-career journalists working at the highest standards of the profession and dedicated to continued reporting on the issues and from the regions of our projects.

A new crop of journalism students has just arrived for our student programs (collaborations with SIT Study Abroad) in the Balkans and Morocco — the largest number of students in Morocco since we launched there 5 years ago.

We’re very pleased that Paddi Clay, a veteran South African journalist, has joined Round Earth for our new program in South Africa. The photo above right shows Paddi with journalism students outside the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg.

We look forward to pitching their stories – and more from our projects with early career reporters — to  the media outlets that are rightly putting so many resources into Washington.

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