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Together Again

September 28, 2018

As you know, Round Earth Media is based on the idea that the best international journalism is created in partnership. An American and a journalist from the country where the story is taking place, working together in equal partnership, their important, under-reported stories reaching audiences in both countries.

Guia Baggi and Zanna McKay joined up as reporting partners for Round Earth in Italy in 2013. The first story they covered was for PRI’s The World and about an Italian rapper who brought the struggles of unemployed Italian youths to the fore. Here’s Zanna:

“The professional companionship from both my reporting partners and mentors at Round Earth was equally as important as the opportunity to publish in major outlets. I’m still humbled by their ambition and integrity all the time. These are partnerships that abide.”

Zanna is now a Tow-Knight scholar at the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. She will be covering the blockbuster drug Humira, which treats autoimmune diseases. You can follow her journey here on Medium.

Guia was recently a Knight-VICE Innovators fellow, where she created an interactive data visualization tool for tracking toxic waste. In May she graduated from Columbia with her M.A. in Science, Environment and Medicine Journalism. Her reporting focuses on climate change, pollution and coastal ecosystems.

“Round Earth Media was an incredible experience for me. I’m so glad to have met and grown professionally together with Zanna. But also, I feel, it offered real, great mentorship. Something that is so difficult to find in this job,” Guia said.

Zanna and Guia are looking forward to future collaborations on local and global reporting now that they live in the same city. As Guia said, “who knows where in the world it will take us!”

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