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The Power of Podcasts

October 5, 2018

The Power of Podcasts

I began reporting for NPR in the 1970s, just a few years after the network was founded.  In those halcyon days, we had a lot of time to fill and so we were encouraged to do long interviews and highly produced, sound-rich stories.  Those days are gone, except when it comes to podcasts which now — to my delight — have gone global.   Especially in regions of the world with rich story-telling traditions.

Sowt, in Jordan, is a case in point.   A former Round Earth journalist, Tala Elissa, is a producer at Sowt, which creates it’s own high-quality podcasts in Arabic and English and curates podcasts produced by other outfits.  It’s great listening.  Don’t miss Bulaq, a podcast about Arab literature co-hosted by Ursula Lindsey, the Academic Director for our program in Morocco.

From an article in Neiman Lab, here’s Hazem Zureigat, CEO and co-founder of Sowt, who says young Arabs are tired of only having American content to listen to:

The Arab youth now seems to keep an eye on what’s out there in terms of good podcasts in their own language, and topics that fit their social interests.

For Sowt’s list of podcasts — some of which are in English — click on the image above.  Happy listening!

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