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Telling Real News From Fake

December 2, 2016

Many students on our journalism study abroad programs go on to careers as professional reporters and photojournalists.
But, many others do not.
And that’s okay.


Because every student leaves our programs as a more discerning consumer of news and information.
They’ve learned what it takes to produce ethical journalism at the highest levels of the profession. 

They’ve learned how to to tell fake news from real.


Click on the image above for more about what Stanford researchers called “[a] threat to democracy.”

Here’s another important message,  from a journalist I deeply respect.  If you saw the film, Spotlight, you’ll remember Marty Baron, now editor of the Washington Post.


Many journalists wonder with considerable weariness what it is going to be like for us during the next four—perhaps eight—years. Will we be incessantly harassed and vilified? Will the new administration seize on opportunities to try intimidating us? Will we face obstruction at every turn?

If so, what do we do?

We will do our jobs, says Baron.
He continues:

If we [journalists] fail to pursue the truth and to tell it unflinchingly—because we’re fearful that we’ll be unpopular, or because powerful interests (including the White House and the Congress) will assail us, or because we worry about financial repercussions to advertising or subscriptions—the public will not forgive us.

Nor, in my view, should they.

Click on the image directly above to read Baron’s entire message.

Finally, curious about the image at the very top — click on it  for our Morocco program’s recently re-designed online magazine courtesy of Shirley Chan (photo left), a senior at the University of Oregon. Chan describes herself as “a curious soul with a camera in hand.”  That’s what it takes, Shirley!

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