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November 7, 2016


I met Yasmine Ryan a few months ago, when she arrived in the US on a World Press Institute  (WPI)Fellowship. (WPI, is a terrific nonprofit organization that brings journalists from abroad to the US on nine week fellowships.) Like many journalists covering the world today, Yasmine has primarily worked as a freelancer.  Hers was the first feature story on what was to become the Arab Spring to appear in any English-language media outlet.  I am inspired by the dedication of the next generation of young journalists like Yasmine.  Here’s Yasmine from an email she wrote me recently.
We are given ever fewer resources for international reporting, and it can be a constant battle to try to find the resources to tell what those of us in the field continue to believe are important stories. Still, I wouldn’t do anything else. It keeps you real to be out in the world, not merely parroting the news that’s on social media or cable television. As journalists, we need to be grounded in the reality on the streets, in peoples’ homes, in the hospital or on the battlefield. There’s no replacement for physically being there, and speaking to people, face-to-face. Journalism is about people, or it should be. It’s also about solidarity between fellow journalists and editors. And that’s what keeps me going, and what makes me love this job.

Yasmine just arrived in Istanbul where we hope to work with her on under-reported stories from that important region.  Your gift to Round Earth Media helps support reporting from dedicated –and under-financed — young journalists committed to covering the world.

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PS  Twin Cities friends!  Here’s a terrific documentary film — TEMPESTAD — we’re proud to be sponsoring at the Cine Latino Film Festival. 
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Tempestad is a powerful indictment of institutional corruption and a testament to the resilience of the Mexican character.
“Steeped not only in loss and pain, but also in love, dignity and resistance.”- Human Rights Watch Film Festival
Shows are November 12 and November 16. 
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