Bradley H. Lehrman

Bradley H. Lehrman has an extensive background as an attorney, business advisor, private investor and board member, involved primarily in early-stage venture capital transactions. He is founder and president of Portage Capital, Inc. and a partner with the Minneapolis-based law firm of Soffer Charbonnet. In addition to Round Earth, Lehrman currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Minneapolis Jewish Community Center and World without Genocide. He was a board member of The Minnesota Advocates For Human Rights (1996 – 2000; Executive Committee, 1999 – 2000) and through that organization received two prestigious International Human Rights Recognition Awards.  Brad Lehrman is a co-founder of The Minnesota Interfaith Darfur Coalition (MIDC) (2007-present), a Minnesota based grassroots social justice organization formed to end the genocide in Darfur, Sudan.