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February 8, 2019

Jeanette Lam is our legacy.  The University of Richmond senior sent me an email yesterday that brought tears to my eyes.  Jeanette was a recent student on our program in Morocco (students call it MOJ for short).  She’s given me permission to share her email with all of you.  Here’s Jeanette:

The Morocco program  is one of the most transformative experiences I’ve had. MOJ is a launching pad for young creatives who do not attend schools with a heavy focus on media. As a student pursuing documentary film-making at a business-oriented, science-focused university, I often felt I was going against the grain. Luckily, my passion for visual storytelling fueled me to keep producing work, but the minimal resources and mentorship available led me to be a primarily self-taught filmmaker. 

MOJ was the first time I was critiqued and mentored by renowned journalists, taught to research and pitch to professional panels, trained to report on international stories, trusted to be in the field independently, and encouraged to believe in my own creative abilities. MOJ enhanced my hard skills in writing, filming, and editing, and equipped me with new soft skills to communicate across cultural barriers and navigate foreign environments. 

As a graduating senior, I can confidently say MOJ was the catalyst of my career….As I prepare for post-grad life, I am grateful to say I can carry the unique knowledge, skills, and growth I gained from MOJ into the next steps of my life. 

While on MOJ, Jeanette shot a short film (with accompanying text by a student reporter) about the ancient skill of handmade Moroccan tiles, now an endangered tradition.  We helped place that multi-media story in the USA Today newspaper, reaching a huge audience with an under-reported story from Morocco.  We are so proud of Jeanette and many students like her.  They are the legacy of everyone at Round Earth.

With warmest regards,

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