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“Journalism has a class problem”

July 14, 2017


Our journalism would be better if we were a better representation of the backgrounds and experiences our audiences have,” wrote journalist Heather Bryant, a 2017 Knight Fellow at Stanford and the wife of a garbage truck driver.

“That the spouse of a journalist had such a blue collar job [is surprising],” writes Heather. “The reaction makes me wonder how badly our industry really lacks for people with more diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.”

Why is this?  Bryant explains:

“The best internships are for students with the resources to work unpaid or with low pay in some of the most expensive cities in the country. Conferences are expensive and often hosted in expensive cities making it difficult for smaller newsrooms to send reporters. The bulk of the jobs are clustered in major metropolitan areas. That’s not to say people without means don’t make it into journalism. They do. But it’s a longer, rougher road with far fewer people making it to the end.”

Click on the photo of Heather Bryant (above) to read her enlightening piece.  She ends this way:

“Our industry needs to think hard about the worlds we’re living in, the kinds we’re building with each hire we make and ones that we want to reach with our reporting.”

I agree.  Do you?

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