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From South Africa

December 7, 2018

Our Amazing Young Journalists

From South Africa via Web Conference

That’s me, very early one morning this week (and a little sleep deprived), connecting with our team in South Africa.  Saam Jalinous is shown here, a student at Wesleyan.  In the audience — our other American journalism students and two of South Africa’s most acclaimed professional journalists (the students’ Round Earth mentors), Martine Barker and Jonathan Ancer.  The students presented their feature stories — and their experiences reporting them — stories which we often place it major media outlets under their byline (in the US and South Africa).  As part of our program, Saam worked atGroundUp, one of South Africa’s most acclaimed media outlets, enjoying the comraderie and feedback from his South African colleagues.

“It’s an enormous privilege to work in these newsrooms” — that was the message from student after student (we also place our students in the newsroom at the Sunday Times).  They learned how hard — and important — it is to get the story “exactly right.”

Not all of our students go on to become journalists — and that’s alright with us.  All of them become better writers with enhanced media literacy and a much deeper understanding and appreciation for good, independent, ethical journalism.

Look for some terrific stories from this team – coming soon!

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