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Cuba Organics: Moringa anyone?

March 18, 2016

Round Earth Media Exclusive
Cuba, Organics and US Farmers

When third-generation farmer Rick Roth envisions the possible end of the long U.S. trade embargo on Cuba, just across the Florida straits, he sees potential competition. And he worries about diseases, pests and invasive species.

While many U.S. agricultural producers and businesses are eager to start exporting to Cuba, Florida farmers say the Obama administration’s plan to allow Cuban imports threatens their $8 billion a year business.

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February 13, 2010

mx city earthquake from wikimediaNow, a month after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, I’m reminded of the many conversations I had with people in Mexico City over recent weeks. While I struggled to comprehend what it might have been like to feel the earth shake and buildings topple, many Chilangos, as residents of Mexico City sometimes call themselves, were eager to tell me what had happened and how it had felt in 1985 when a massive earthquake killed at least 4500 people – most likely many more. 

(Photo of Mexico City earthquake: Wikimedia)

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Agriculture and Organic Farming in Cuba

July 1, 2001

While organic farming is growing across the U.S., the number of farmers in the Great Lakes using organic methods is still quite small. Not so, though, in Cuba. In the past decade that island nation has embraced small-scale organic farming and urban gardens. Production of vegetables has soared… which has attracted attention from experts in the Great Lakes region who are visiting Cuba in increasing numbers. Mary Stucky went along with one group to find out what the Cubans can teach Midwest farmers about farming.

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