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Agriculture and Organic Farming in Cuba

July 1, 2001

While organic farming is growing across the U.S., the number of farmers in the Great Lakes using organic methods is still quite small. Not so, though, in Cuba. In the past decade that island nation has embraced small-scale organic farming and urban gardens. Production of vegetables has soared… which has attracted attention from experts in the Great Lakes region who are visiting Cuba in increasing numbers. Mary Stucky went along with one group to find out what the Cubans can teach Midwest farmers about farming.

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Hydropower and the Canadian Cree

October 1, 2000

Hydropower is one of the cheapest and cleanest ways to generate electricity, but it does have a significant impact. In the Canadian province of Manitoba, dams built over the last three decades have damaged the land and destroyed the traditional lifestyle of Cree Indians there. Manitoba Hydro provides hydroelectric power for three provinces in Canada and parts of the United States. Now, with the demand for electricity increasing, the utility’s biggest U.S. customer, Excel Energy, wants to buy additional power from the company. Some of the Cree people are against this and have enlisted activists from the U.S.

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One Thousand Tibetans

May 14, 1993

Followers of the Dalai Lama start a new life where it’s just as cold as Tibet…but a lot flatter. Minnesota meets an ancient culture in this documentary by Round Earth Productions’ Mary Losure.

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