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Gang Truce in El Salvador

April 4, 2012

Among the hardest-hit victims of extortions by gangs in El Salvador are private businesses, big and small.

On Tuesday, March 27 Monsignor Fabio Colindres, the head army and police chaplain responsible for mediating a ceasefire between El Salvador’s two major gangs, shared details of the gang truce with the National Association of Private Enterprise—in Spanish Asociación Nacional de la Empresa Privada (ANEP).

Reporters waited for Colindres outside of the ANEP offices ready to ask more questions and Colindres made time for them as he exited the ANEP premises in a white pickup truck.

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From Ambar Espinoza in El Salvador: Is the Salvadorian President cutting deals with gangs?

April 1, 2012

Ambar Espinoza writes from El Salvador where she is reporting for Round Earth Media — look for our stories on NPR and also in the media in El Salvador.   Round Earth Media’s reporting from El Salvador is supported by the Stanley Foundation.

What an interesting time to be back in El Salvador. This week (Wednesday, March 28) at a press conference President Mauricio Funes denied the Salvadoran government negotiated any deals with leaders of the country’s two violent gangs, Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS-13) and Pandilla 18,

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The Heart and Soul of Morocco

March 17, 2012

We’re back from a week in rural Morocco.  At least half of all Moroccans live in the countryside, facing challenges around education, health care and economic survival.  But that is not the whole story.   As our students discovered, rural Morocco is the heart and soul of the country.

“I’m a city girl and I never knew why places like this are important.  Now I know.”

That’s what one of our students told me after our stay in the stunningly beautiful village of Sbaa Rouadi,

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Educating the New Global Journalist

March 5, 2012

As part of our commitment to the future of global journalism, we are pioneering an exciting new model of journalism education, one that reflects the need for unbiased, well-researched, responsibly reported global news and information. What is this new model?    Round Earth’s mission is to partner US journalists with journalists in the countries where we are working.  With that model in mind, we are partnering American journalism students studying on SIT’s program in Rabat, Morocco, Field Studies in Journalism and New Media,

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Poor, Old and Disabled in Morocco

March 3, 2012

Protests continue on almost a daily basis in Morocco, calling for a range of reforms from better housing to democracy and freedom of speech. But Eboni Bell, a student from Spelman College who’s studying journalism on our program here, set out to find the kind of story that she thinks should rank right up with the protests.  Here’s her report.

Crippled and nearly blind, 95 year- old Sadia,  sets out on foot heading toward the Old Medina at Bab Lahed in Rabat,

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In Morocco, the Need for Girls' Education

February 24, 2012

Educating girls probably has a greater transformative effect on a country than anything else one can do. — Nicholas Kristof, New York Times Columnist

In Ouarzazate, Morocco, on the edge of the Sahara Desert, more than a hundred girls are getting an education.  That’s unusual here.   Most village schools go only through the sixth grade and families are too poor to afford boarding school for their daughters.  An NGO, Association Tichka, runs the boarding school in Ouarzazate– it’s funded through a foundation set up by Morocco’s current king,

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Anthony Shadid: What He Taught Us All

February 18, 2012

Anthony Shadid died this week of an asthma attack while reporting from Syria.  The world has lost one of the greatest journalists of his generation and certainly one of its finest human beings.  Without Anthony Shadid we will all know far less about the Middle East and the Arab world.

“The people he wrote about were never subjects. They each were a world, in which he became engrossed for the entirety of the length of his relationship to them, whether it lasted an hour or a year,” wrote Thanassis Cambanis in The Atlantic online (a friend of Shadid’s and  a regular contributor to The New York Times).   

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Is the Morocco Mall a Story?

February 12, 2012

The Morocco Mall is the largest mall in Africa and it  was mobbed yesterday.  Open for just 2 months, this stylishly futuristic shopping center, a 20 minute drive down the coast from Casablanca,  is still something of a novelty.     Inside are hundreds of luxury stores, an IMAX movie theater, aquarium and a musical fountain.

Twelve American journalism students went to the Morocco Mall  to see if they could find a story.

How do journalists decide what to report about? 

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U.S. Students Encounter Moroccan Protestors

February 4, 2012

On Thursday morning twelve student journalists from the U.S greeted me with great enthusiasm — they had witnessed their first news story in Morocco.  The night before, hundreds of young Moroccans, protesting the lack of jobs for university graduates here, surged along the grand avenue in front of the Moroccan Parliament,  eventually chased away by police.  (In Morocco, unemployment is 16 percent for university graduates,  above the national average.)

These protests have escalated since what in Morocco is called the “February 20th Movement” 

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Students Arrive Tomorrow

January 28, 2012

The students arrive tomorrow.

The newsroom we are creating for our students in the heart of Rabat ‘s medina is as close to a US news bureau as one can find in this country, a country rife with protest and surrounded by Arab Spring revolutions. The US students will be paired with Moroccan journalism students who speak English.   Closely – and rigorously — mentored by me and Dr. Taieb Belghazi, a cultural studies professor at the University of Mohammad V in Rabat,

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