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Italian rapper brings to hope to the stage in Southern Italy

January 26, 2015

Our Italian NextGen Guia Baggi on the rapper that speaks to unemployed Italian youths, click here to read it in

Primo maggio: Clementino porta la speranza del Sud sul palco

A un anno dall’uscita del singolo che lo ha reso famoso, O’Vient, la Campania continua a essere tra le prime regioni per emigrazione giovanile Guia Baggi

 aprile 30, 2014



È il primo nome nella lista degli artisti annunciati per l’immancabile concertone del primo maggio in piazza San Giovanni a Roma.

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Saving Morocco’s endangered Barbary macaques

January 19, 2015


Click HERE to read Olivia Poblacion report on endangered Barbary macaques and see more photos from Dev Dharm Khalsa.

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Our journalist Marlon Bishop co-hosted Planet Money!

December 19, 2014












Click HERE to hear Marlon’s incredible work from Honduras!



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Hello, I'm Calling From La Mafia




By Marlon Bishop

This story originally appeared on the Planet Money podcast Episode 589 on December 12, 2014. Link HERE

Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world. Jobs that seem dull and safe in most countries have become incredibly dangerous professions in Honduras. For example: Driving a bus.

On today’s show: what it’s like to live and work in the most dangerous country in the world.

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Big news! We're launching in the Balkans! And more…

December 14, 2014


Our new journalism option program launches in January in the BALKANS!

Click on the image above for more information about this groundbreaking program.
From a region that made front page news a generation ago.
Now we’re sending the next generation of global correspondents to cover it.

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Weekly Newsletter, Nov. 28

November 28, 2014

With great journalism outlets like
The New York Times
National Public Radio

Why do we need
Round Earth?

Because the newspapers and broadcast outlets
we rely on are stretched thin
covering today’s breaking news.They look to
Round Earth Media for:

The humanity behind the headlines

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Behind the scenes from our journalists in Honduras!

November 21, 2014






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Powerful Journalism From Morocco

November 18, 2014

Our latest

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You can still support our teams!

November 5, 2014

Dear Friends of Round Earth Media,

We are immensely grateful for your pledge to Round Earth Media’s Global Mashup Kickstarter Project to support our reporting teams in Jordan, Ghana and Mexico.  Unfortunately, as you know, the campaign didn’t reach its goal; that means your account was not charged and Round Earth received no money.

We want you to know that we are firmly committed to continuing Round Earth’s mission of supporting young journalists – mostly freelancers – as they bring us important under-reported stories from neglected parts of the globe.  

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Reporting Morocco students on PRI's Living on Earth

October 31, 2014

Fascinating, Toxic Moroccan Tanneries

This story originally appeared on PRI’s Living on Earth, listen HERE.

by Amulya Shankar












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