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A Revolutionary Gift

October 28, 2016


Hello everyone… Round Earth friend and supporter Nancy Fushan filling in this week for Mary.

My father was born on Pine Street in downtown Philadelphia, just blocks from where Benjamin Franklin turned a failing newspaper—The Pennsylvania Gazette—into one of the colonies’ most-read and profitable publications! Franklin’s civic activism would bring about the nation’s first volunteer fire station, the Philadelphia public library, and the University of Pennsylvania. So my father probably absorbed Franklin’s wisdom by just breathing the air or drinking the water in his neighborhood. Dad was a generous man, who believed that Ben Franklin had two useful and ever-relevant views of philanthropy. He loved to quote Franklin (or Ben’s pseudonym Poor Richard) that the essence of philanthropy “is not in giving much, but in giving wisely.” Secondly, Franklin espoused a more revolutionary form of altruism. In Colonial America, the Western philosophy of top-down patronage had been imported from England and Europe. Franklin encouraged everyday folks, like my Dad, to pool their resources (money, tools, and knowledge) for the community’s benefit.

Franklin’s advice stuck with me as I progressed from a six year-old emptying my piggy bank to weighing my charitable gifts as an adult. It seems particularly germane as we here in Minnesota are about to embark on next week’s “Give MN Day”. On November 17th, GiveMN will provide a handy compendium of worthy causes; and the ability to contribute—together—to organizations that improve the quality of life for those in communities far and wide.

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